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This page contains answers to garage door related FAQs that our professionals provided. Check them out to learn how to keep your garage door in excellent condition.

Start by checking all the hardware parts. Worn components should be replaced right away, to avoid more serious problems. Tighten the hinges and brackets, if needed. Remember that the two sections of each track should be perfectly aligned. Lubrication is the next step. Torsion springs, metal rollers and hinges should be lubricated. The same applies to the drive gear of the opener if it is made from steel and not plastic.
This is a measurement that represents how long a garage door torsion spring will last before it breaks. Each cycle consists of one opening and closing of the door. The higher the number the longer the unit will last before it snaps. This does not determine how many years the spring will keep working, as some garage doors are used more frequently than others.
It is really difficult and completely not recommended to try and have the cables repaired. Therefore, replacing them is the way to go. Doing this should probably be left to experts, as these components have a very important responsibility (supporting the door's weight) and mishandling the lift cable replacement process can be dangerous. Give us a call and let our experts handle this task for you.
According to our experts in North Hollywood, homeowners should take great care while lubricating garage door parts. First, never use a WD-40 to do this. Instead, a light lithium or silicone-based spray is the recommended lubricant to use. Not every part of the door should be lubricated. Only the metal rollers, hinges, and torsion springs. You can also apply some of this substance to the opener's main drive gear, as long as it's not made of plastic.
Yes. Since they are responsible for counterbalancing the door's weight, one unit is installed on the left side of the door and the second one is installed on the right side. This way, they keep the door balanced as it goes up and down, and support its weight evenly. When one unit breaks, both should be replaced, as the second one can't be too far behind.
Better is not exactly a qualifying term, as the two types are often used for different situations. But in terms of durability and longevity, the torsion spring takes the cake. Not only is it more flexible and capable of withstanding more wear and tear, due to the way it works, it is also considered safer, as it is far less likely to whip around when it breaks.
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